Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Emergency Diaper Bag, anyone?

As a parent we probably all have one. I d a couple of them. Each one served its own purpose. One was for supplies that were often needed but too bulky to carry everywhere. One was for supplies that were very rarely needed And then the other was a mix of the two. Today I slimmed them all down into one.

Here is the list of whats in the bag that serves as an Emergency Diaper Bag. Some of these items are very rarely needed but very important if we were to need one and others are there as backups because we use so many of them but do not have enough room in our everyday bag.

Diaper Area
5 caths
1 tube of Surgilube
2 prefold diapers
1 set of diaper pins
1 bottle of water
5 cloth wipes

Trach and Vent
1 Trach Tie
1 4.0 Ped Shiley Trach
1 Travel Vent circuit
1 PEEP valve
3 O-rings
4 Noses
1 Vent filter

20 suction caths
1 Yaunker
1 Suction Machine filter
3 Saline bullets

Clothing and Accessories
1 Outfit per each child
1 Hairbrush
1 Blanket

1 Sippy cup
2 packets Simply Thick
1 Feeding Extension Tube
1 Feeding Bag
1 10ml Syringe

1 CPT Bopper
1 bottle hand gel
1 Pacifier
1 thermometer
1 tube Bactroban Cream
1 tube Nystatin Cream

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Heidi said...

just have a regular diaper bag with LOTS of stuff in it.

wet bag for wet diapers
extra cover
at least 1 extra complete outfit
extra bink
baggie of wipes
2 small receiving blankets
1 larger flannel blanket
phenergan for me
asthma inhaler for me
epi pen for me
wallet for me
cell phone for me
warm hat for baby
water for me
2 nursing pads for me
snacks for me

plus i've got more of all this stuff rattling around my car.

i do carry an emergency kit in my car
cpr mask
basic 1st aid kit