Friday, January 30, 2009

Aybra appt..

Aybra had her routine follow up with the High Risk Newborn Clinic. This is the place where all of the doctors/therapists/etc get together in one appt (saves us many repeat visits) and do their work. Today she only had to see the doctor. Why? Because she is doing so darn well. They asked if I wanted to see nutrition regarding her being EBF still and I told them no. A nutritionist will not change anything. She will continue to be EBF until I feel she is ready and she is past 1 year (corrected). FWIW She isnt even sitting up now, so she is not ready.

Also, the doctor was fine with the no vaxing stuff and has no issues with it but the nurse seemed to have some issues with it. She asked me if I was going to homeschool her.. I thought Hmm this is a new question but I answered "Yes." She tried to tell me that Aybra wont be able to go to school if she isnt vaxed.. Bullcrap :) Im no dummy. As a parent chosing alternative, or rather non-mainstream, lifestyles I am well informed of my choices as a parent.

Anyway on to the other stuff..

The stats:

25 inches

Her alkaline phosphatase level is still elevated but going down so they feel no need to continue the calcium or retake her levels! Yes!!!! This means that she can go back on the breast FULLTIME! NO MORE BOTTLES!!!! Now.. the only thing is getting her there :( Her calcium was to be mixed into 6 bottles throughout the day. That was pretty much all of her feeds.. She became quite used to the bottles and now is starting to refuse the breast Argh!!!! Please pray that she will take back to the breast now.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Does synagis prevent RSV?

NO!! And any doctor who tells you this should not be a doctor! Synagis does not prevent RSV. Synagis is an immunoglobulin. It helps to "boost" the immune system so if your child does get RSV it takes less of a toll on them. Synagis works much like the chicken pox vaccine. Even with the "vaccine" you may still end up with the chicken pox.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aybra update..

This is going to be very brief as there is not a whole lot of new news. I guess that is a good thing though. Aybra is doing great after her little sickness. She has recovered and is back to her normal pre-sickies self. She had an appointment yesterday for synagis and according to their scales she was 15# 15oz but that was with a wet diaper, t-shirt and socks. Im guessing she is 15.5#. I really should weigh her on my scale but that just seems like so much trouble.

She has found her voice and she loves using it. She used to play quietly but now she plays quite loudly. She likes to scream and holler with her brothers. I figure it is only a small amount of time before she joins in on the screaming matches her brothers compete in on a daily basis.

Her brothers give her the world and she just eats it up. She never does anything by herself. She is not self serving at all! Everything must be handed to her or she is not happy. She refuses to even reach a few inches to get her toy. She wants somebody to do it for her. I find it quite funny but her brothers are happy to do everything for her, especially Alo. He loves his sister very much and every morning upon waking must crawl over to wheverever she is and give her a kiss. The only time she gets mad at him is if he takes her bottle but I dont blame him. That mama milk is some good stuff!

I realized I dont have many pictures from recently so over the next few days I will be snapping heaps of photos and will eventually post some here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Woes and more Woes

Things have been rather hectic around here lately (I tend to say that a lot)..

Alo had to make an ER trip last Friday for some respiratory issues and a high fever. Everything looked ok so they got the respiratory distress under control and sent him home.. Come Monday the fever was just going away but he started having more respiratory issues so again I rushed him to the ER where this time they could not really get a good handle on his issues. They admitted him and did lots of "pulmonary hygiene" (increased IPVs and bopping).. Turns out part of his left lung was collapsed and he had pneumonia again. He stayed for a few days and was released on Thursday. He ended up missing an appointment for an MRI (I was kind of looking forward to seeing the results from it) so it has been rescheduled for mid Feb. He is back to his normal self now. As I type this he is in his room throwing toys all around.

Aybra had her first little trip to the ER. Monday night as soon as Alo was taken to a room Fallon brought Aybra to the hospital so she could be seen in the ER as well. She was having some respiratory issues when I left with Alo but they got worse as I was gone. So, the doctors examined her and said that she has what brother has (duh!). Depending on what her X-ray looked like they were going to admit her but turns out her x-ray looked fine. She was sent home with some respiratory treatmeants. Today is the first day she has really felt fine.

Kaia ended up seeing the PCP on Wednesday. He has the same junk as the others. Surprise surprise.. He got some medicine as well and has been acting better. I would probably say that he was the first one to really get it but he is much bigger and stronger than the little ones and didnt need as urgent care. Alo was hit the worse by all of it but it only makes sense. After a few days in the hospital though he was sounding better than Aybra.