Monday, March 31, 2008

3.31.08 Delivery day :(

They have decided that they are going to deliver today. I am 26.5 weeks. I have no specifics. I dont know if they will let me attempt vaginal as it might be too risky with the heart rate.. or if they are going to do a csection. I really really dont want a csection but I want an alive baby. Please pray that things go ok with the baby. I will let you guys know more as soon as I can.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

3.30.08 11pm

It gets worse. The babies HB keeps dipping low. Position changes is not helping it. I am hooked back up to IV fluids and back to using the dang bedpan. I had to sign a new consent for csection. The nurse that did it last time put that I completely refused it.. Not so. I said No section for breech. So looks like I might be having a section tomorrow but it all depends on how the ultrasound in the morning goes and if the fluids help any. I am back on the monitors 24/7 also.


Ive been having decreased fetal movement yesterday and today. The peri came in today to do a bio physical profile on the baby. It only got a 6/10. Last time it got 8/10. The baby looked ok otherwise. It did not respond to stimulation and there wasnt much going on with the NST from this morning.. He will come back tomorrow to check on the baby again and see how things are tomorrow. Please pray things look better tomorrow.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Not much has been going on. My WBC has been going up and down but not up too high.... same with my temp.. up and down but nothing too big.

I started having bleeding again this afternoon and it is quite a bit compared to what it has been. I am feeling great though.

I have this lovely little board in my room that reminds me everyday how far along I am... It would be great but the doctors are using different days (and obviously can't add).. I was 26w 1d when this picture was taken... According to their dates I would be 26w 5d but again they can't add. They had it as 26w 4d... Its a nice reminder... but I would love to see those dates much higher.


My sister brought me a lovely little basket of gifts.



Thursday, March 27, 2008

3.27.08 3pm

Thanks everybody You guys are so great. Ultrasound was great. Baby was practicing breathing even. Baby is head and feet down Squished into a tiny ball. He did not take measurements because he said he wanted at least 10 days from the last ones.. So I guess next week he will take more. Baby looked great though. Got an 8/10 so thats really good. There is still no fluid. I was hoping there was some because it feels like my stomach is growing again but I guess that could just be the baby growing. The doctor is not worried about delivering the baby yet. As long as the infection stays away then I can continue to stay in this nice (haha) little hospital bed. For the questions that were asked...I am on oral antibiotics like 4 times a day. It was IV but they switched it the other day when they stopped the IV fluids. With the other boys...Kaia I started dilating at 18 weeks. Started having contractions at 20 and was given terb... it didnt really help much but it helped some. At 24 weeks the contractions were regular 3-10 minutes 24 hours a day. I was dilated 3-4 for a while with him. I was admitted at 28 weeks and he was born at 29.With Alo... I started dilating at 17 weeks.. Never had any contractions. Rolled over in bed one morning and thought I peed myself.. Got up and it was my water.. Got to the hospital and I was 3-4. I had only been 1-2 and Im not really sure when the change happened.. Started having contractions about 30 minutes after my water broke... I got to take a nice helicopter ride from the local hospital to the big hopsital with the NICU.. and Alo was born not even 12 hours after my water broke. They tried to hold it off but it just wasnt working. He was determined to come out. The hospital I had Alo in is the hospital Im in right now... and when my water broke this time they put me in the same room I delivered Alo in. It was bittersweet. Alo was here today when they did the ultrasound and some students were watching... My sister said "Hey Alo do you remember him".. The doctor said probably not... and one of the students said "Im sure it would have been pleasant memories...." Uhh yeah right!! He was flirting with the student though. It was cute

26 weeks today!

First of all we are still baking but some really good news! We are 26 weeks today (yeah yeah Im working on changing my siggie if you read this before I do it)

Baby has been looking ok today. My WBC has gone up a bit so infection might be coming but another blood draw will come tonight (like 3am in the morning)

Im waiting on my peri to come and do an ultrasound today to see how the baby is growing and to see what everything looks like in there. Hopefully he will be in shortly and Ill update you guys again after that.


They tested the babies responses today.. Baby didnt respond but since baby is moving they arent worried about it. Babies HB is fine also. They decided that I wasnt eating enough today so they are making me eat more (Im always on eating disorder watch at this hospital) Ive been eating when I get hungry but its not enough for them. The doctor actually searched the breakfast tray this morning to see how much I had eaten.. They took the IV fluids and IV antibiotics off yesterday. I have a heplock but no fluids. They are letting me eat and drink all by mouth.. And the antibiotics are oral now too.Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks. The peri is going to come in and do a scan to see how the baby looks and see if there is any fluid hiding in there. I am making more fluid but its all just leaking out. The bleeding has pretty much stopped completely.Blood pressure still looks good. I had a few contractions yesterday and a few today but not anything big. If I have more they will restart all of the mag and procardia.Ive been feeling pretty good. I had a headache last night but I think its from lack of sleep and just not being able to get comfortable. I can get up and go to the restroom (TGG no more stinkin bedpans) but otherwise I have to lay flat.. even to eat. Very uncomfortable but all worth it in the end.Oh and I did have a nice round pregnant belly but now I have nothing. Fundal height is around 18 or 20 (was 29ish) but there just isnt any belly.. I feel and look more postpartum than pregnant.My sister should be here any minute with my two boys ..... and some ice cream lol


The bleeding has slowed down. Im not leaking as much amniotic fluid today as I have been so either my bag is sealing or Im just not making any. Baby is doing fine. I have no belly though I can see my hips again. Nothing really new though so thats always good.

3.24.08 9pm

Nothing really new to update right now. The baby is still baking and looking good. There was a little fluid on the ultrasound today but as soon as I move it all leaks back out. Ive also been having some blood leaking. I had started leaking blood when I first came in on the 21st but it had pretty much stopped. Then right before I got moved into the new room today it started again.Maybe TMI for some but when I stand up blood just pours down my legs. Its not really much but its enough to be bothersome and have to change pads every hour or so. (Some of that is amniotic fluid too) Everything is fine though. The blood is probably just coming from dilation or something but they are not doing any internal exams. Baby is still head down on the ultrasound. Temp is looking good as well as WBC. Blood pressure is pretty much back to normal also. Im just still really tired and sore. And Im scared to poop!! Im literally terrified that this baby will be born on the toilet or something so Ive kind of been holding it.. But they are going to give me some meds so its really easy to go and hopefully I wont have a baby on the toilet. The ultrasound today looked like my cervix was closed enough so that I could go poop without popping a baby outThe way things look right now I think I can hold out for a few more days at least. Im hoping for weeks but I dont know if I can go that long.Alo came to see me twice today.. He sat on my bed and played with the volume on the tv. I havent gotten to see Kaia since Thursday My mum is really making me mad too. She was supposed to bring him up yesterday... She never came... She said she was going to come today.. but then she changed her mind again and she said she was just going to come when I had the baby.. Yeah! That could be weeks from now! So, she called in to work because Im in the hospital yet she cant come and see me. She was here on Friday night but left Saturday and hasnt been back since. Ugh!!!

3.24.08 11.45am

Thanks ladies. I just moved rooms. The new number is 5012022245.

3.24.08 11am

Hey ladies... Sorry I couldnt update you guys yesterday. I said I was going to have my sister update you but I couldnt even talk to her yesterday. Some people tried calling but I could not even lift up the phone to hold it. I did try answering it once (I guess when my birth buddy called) but it just fell back down. I couldnt even turn myself over in the bed and I was having some nausea and vomittingI was having contractions on Saturday night and they upped the mag Sunday morning and I went downhill from there. I couldnt move or anything. Mag SUCKS!! They have stopped it now though and Im feeling a lot better but now they are watching for infection. My temp has been up and down but not high and WBC has been up and down (currently down) so they are just keeping an eye on it. Because the baby is fine with no fluid they arent worried about that but if any problems start happening then they will take the baby. They are thinking of moving me from the room Im currently in into another room where I will stay until this baby is here. For now though, things are good.Im only on antibiotics and fluid. My blood pressure dropped too much on the mag so they stopped it and they stopped giving me the procardia because my pressure is still low but its going back up some. It was 60's over 30's but now its back in the upper 80's over 50's... a little low for me but closer to normal.Im not really having any contractions since the mag and procardia has been stopped so thats a good thing.If I move rooms Ill give you guys the new number.

3.22.08 7.30pm

Contractions are just about only coming with certain positions so Im stuck laying 2 ways but I dont mind. I would have updated sooner but I saw Alo earlier (He is mad at me of course and tried to rip my IV out).. Then I took a nap The mag is really messing with me I feel like crap but I guess not much longer now... and they let me eat! So glad they did I was dying. Ill update again in a few hours if I dont update by midnight its probably safe to assume we have a baby but Ill make sure somebody updates you guys. The number in my room is 5012021260 but if I cant reach it I wont answer it. No cranks calls mmmmkay

3.22.08 12pm

Thanks so much everyone! Just had the scan There is no fluid around the baby but the baby is no longer breech!!!! Baby turned sometime today. Im so glad. No section will be needed. After 48 hours of the steroids they are stopping all meds and letting me deliver. Baby is measuring 1# 13oz


Going by OB Ill be 26 weeks tomorrow but that is based off of scan. By conception I will be 26 weeks on Thursday and I believe theneonatologist is going to go by that. Either today or tomorrow I will have a baby though Things are still fine right now. Cervix is thin and Im sure a lot more since last time they checked. I get next steroids at 12. They are trying to hold off until at least midnight. Its 10.30 nowi have my laptop so I should be able to keep you guys updated but it will probably take a bit to update if the baby cmes. They are pushing to section me and Im refusing.Im in the same room I had Alo in... talk about memories.... And the nurse that took care of Alo in the NICU (and found his spina bifida) is working today and tomorrow and has requested to take care of this baby too


Still no bby. Its 8.30am. Water broke at 11pm last night. I got one shot of steroids waiting on the next. Cx are still regular every few mintues and getting farther apart but much stronger. Waiting on scan this morning to see bby and fluid and stuff. Ill let you guys know more later. It really hard to type like this.

The race has begun...

Im in the hopital
Water is broke
Cx are every few minutes
Baby coming within hours or days
Please pray.
Im upside down so I cant tpe