Friday, February 27, 2009

Alos Uro appt

Took Alo to the doctor today.. It was a follow to get the results from his last Urodynamics study and his last VCUG... Things were ok as expected... The only real problem with the tests were that he had to poop during the VCUG so it looked like he was constipated.. Oh trust me he isnt! He goes regularly which is a good thing with the spina bifidia.. He has orders for Milk of Magnesia as needed but I dont give it to him If he needs anything I go for a more natural approach and just give him some FSO. He does better with it anyway.. Anywho... they did say that he probably has something wrong with his sphincter which is making him leak and not be dry between his caths. (We were cathing him every hour at one time trying to see if he would be dry between his caths and he wasnt)... So with his next urodynamics study they are going to do another test and see how loose or tight he is.. Depending on that they will talk about surgery to fix it so he can be dry... but the good news is that surgery wont be until a few years from now!! Woohoo!!! As it stands right now this is the 3rd surgery in his future. They increased his muscle relaxer to see if that will help his bladder grow any... Not this past study but the one before that showed a LOT of growth (holding 120-130 compared to 30).. Still high pressures and super early leaking (around 30) but it is progress in the right direction. And I was really hoping we would get the results of his MRI but we didnt.. Neuros werent there. Only Uros. And we got there 7 hours early!!! Woops!!! I thought we were supposed to be there at 9.30 but we were supposed to be there at 4.. That sucked.. but luckily they let us do the basic stuff first (like weight and seeing the nurse to answer questions) so all that was left was to just see the doctor. We left and then went back at 4..

All in all I would say it was a good appt. Im crossing my fingers that his bladder grows more and stops the leaking.

Oh yeah and he lost more weight. He is back down to 12.95.. though I think that might have been an increase from his last visit with that scale I cant remember.. I want to say he was 12.7 last time though.. Eh who knows.

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