Friday, August 15, 2008

The Little Kids

Aybra was wearing her bib correctly but after a few swings of the hand this is how she ended up wearing it


Alo with one of his favourite games (He also likes Candy Land, and Operation... He likes to carry the cards around)


Remember this doll? .. Well here is a more recent shot with it:


And this is how she got that way!



Fallon said...

You called them the little kids. And you put up the doll picture.

It's double the awesomeness!

Khourt said...

A comment from you.... I was expecting you to say BOOOOBS!!!

Actually I titled it that because I was going to mention you and your obsession lately with "the little kids" but I forgot about it... Guess its our little secret...

P.S. Alo is very mad at you (still)

Fallon said...

If Alo were not mad at me for something I am not guilty of, the world would end :D

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Yay for mommy milk!