Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100th post!

Bring out the confetti and cake; this is my 100th post on this blog...

Since starting this blog so many things have happened.. In celebration of the 100th post I will post 100 things that happened this past year.

1. Aybra was born.
2. Kaia started a second year of Pre-K.
3. It has been 5 months since Alo's last hospital stay.
4. Alo turned 3!
5. And even worse Kaia turned 4!! My babies are growing up.
6. Kaia officially potty learned (though he has been having some accidents lately).
7. I am back down to pre-Alo-pregnancy weight!
8. I got a new van.
9. I renewed/restored my faith in Jesus Christ.
10. Going with #9 I met some lovely Church people.
11. I met and lost a person I love.
12. I have become more modest.
13. I met some awesome mamas on Preg.org and MDC through Aybras DDCs
14. I saved roughly $50.00 a month by Cloth Diapering.
15. And I helped convert a new mama to cloth.
16. I dealt with some horrible nurses/doctors and reinforced my belief that hospitals suck.
17. I learned (again) that Mothers and Parents truly do know what is best for their children.
18. I learned to fight hard for your children because nobody else will.
19. Kaia learned how to type his name
20. Kaia then learned how to write his name.
21. I got rid of some of Alos problem nurses..
22. But ended up gaining more.
23. I learned more truths than I care to know about vaxes
24. I reinstalled Diablo and got a Sorceress to level 50
25. Then Kaia deleted it!!!!!!!
26. Alo made improvements with his therapies.
27. Alo FINALLY had a PT eval.
28. Alo got a stander.
29. And SHOULD be getting his wheelchair sometimes this year.
30. I have learned to embraces Alo's "problems" (I hate that word)
31. Alo learned how to throw some massive tantrums.
32. Ive gained more patience (It helps with the tantrums)
33. I found some old friends and caught up..
34. and learned that some old friends passed away.
35. I learned how hard it is not to take things for granted.
36. I have cherished my children even more than before.
37. I realized that some people who have things so great do not appreciate it.
38. I learned that children will do things in their own time.
39. Aybra learned to smile.
40. She can also roll.
41. She overcame many NICU difficulties and is so far doing better than Kaia did as a baby
42. Kaia learned more about his father
43. Kaia seems to think that his father lives everywhere besides with Heavenly Father.
44. Kaia learned how to pray to Heavenly Father..
45. and thank for him the trees, and the houses and the floors and the doors and the carpets and the roads and the bridges and the water and his Baby Sissy and Bubby and Baby Hayden.
46. Aybra got a swing!!
47. I overcame my own supply isues...
48. Then I donated some precious breastmilk and helped a few babies and mamas.
49. I pissed a few people off with my hardcore Breast is Best beliefs..
50. I missed out on the birth of my dreams..
51. I had the worst c-section ever!
52. I started a new blog.
53. I started some new traditions with my family.
54. I ventured out more with Alo (This is a HUGE thing)
55. I watched a few good movies.
56. I started my 72 hour kits
57. and sadly had to use some stuff out of them from the lovely Hurricane Ike
58. I also started my 1 Year Food Storage
59. I created human life!
60. I completed more Kaplan terms
61. I educated people on the importance of NOT circumcising.
62. I got Baptised.. That is kind of important
63. I took a lot of pictures of the kids.
64. Alo adjusted well to having a new "Baby Sissy"
65. Kaia became Mr Mum.
66. Kaia learned how rain works (every.time.it.rained)
67. I got my very first sewing machine. I dont know how to use it still, but I have it :)
68. I gave many things to charity.
69. I got brave enough to walk the trail by our house.
70. Alo wore shoes... He would never wear shoes before but now he has one pair that he wears. (SID issues)
71. Ive been blessed to have a great nursing6 r7ue8il9aot0pionship.
72. Aybra has become one heck of a champion breastfeeder.
73. I was able to shop for baby girl clothes!!!!
74. Alo started eating more fo5768o9ds by mouth.
75. Kaia started learning about different foods.
76. Kaia took an interest in video games (Bah!)
77. Alo took an interest in watching Kaia play games.
78. Kaia figured out how to work a computer..
79. And beat the mouse on the desk in frustration when "it ain't working"
80. Alo got his very own fridge.
81. Kaia learned how to say "Aloshua" and has become very proud of it. (A-yash-a-wah)
82. Ringworms.. Need I say more.
83. We went to the zoo..
84. Kaia played many racing games with Unc Ney (as in Uncle Courtney)
85. I saw some good people turn bad and some bad people turn good.
86. I learned things about my friends I never knew.
87. I re-found Aloshua the older...
88. I baked my butt off.
89. And in the process found a great new bread recipe.
90. I reflected on (and experienced) some of the best moments in parenting.
91.Alo became interested in the computer.
92. I counted my blessings that, while I have had some bad boyfriends in my past I never had any like Heidi had, namelySpencer from The Hills
93. Oh yes.. The Hills addiction grew stronger.. Who doesn't love The Hills??
94. My PISA gave out on me
95. I righted some wrongs.. Some really really wrongs.
96. And Im sure I made some wrongs even wronger (oh yes it's a word baby!)
97. I talked on the phone like a teenager.
98. Kaia broke my laptop and gave my computer viruses..
99. I opened many new doors in my life and closed out a few chapters.
100. I actually made it to 100!!!


Alyssa Melton said...

Holy Moly, Lady!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on your 100 blog posts and your list of 100 WONDERFUL things that have happened in your life. All things, good and bad, are blessings. The hard part is figuring it all out...

Looking forward to reading more!

Fallon said...

66. Kaia learned how rain works (every.time.it.rained)

Have I told you lately that I love you?! I was just blogging about the same thing lmao!