Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Time flies!

Today Aybra is 2 months corrected.. Where has the time gone!!!

I havent taken her pictures yet but I will get some tonight and post them later..

She is growing like a weed.. Like a whole army of weeds! She is near 10# now. I weighed her the other day. I forget the exact g/kg but it was 9# 9oz... She is eating so much though so its no wonder she is getting so big Im having to pump a ton to keep up with her and Alo. She is nearly taking as much as he is!! She is getting stronger everyday. She will push up with her hands whilst on her stomach and look around. She can roll over from her belly to her back (then gets mad because she cant get back over). She is smiling more everyday and beginning to make some little sounds.

Speaking of Alo he has been doing great... No real problems.. He has been his typical self doing things he shouldnt then smiling and being cute so he doesnt get into trouble... He has been going to nursery at church and he loves it. They play and sing songs and colour. He has a blast. He isnt going to be going much longer though because RSV season is coming up.. Dreaded dreaded RSV season.. Im not even sure that I will take him to church (or any of the kids because of the risk to him)... But we will see...

Kaia has been Kaia. He is loving school (and Alo loves helping him).. He has been having some issues with his eyes and head though. I have to get that checked out. His speech is getting much better but its near time for him to have another eval to see if he can get some services.

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