Saturday, January 17, 2009

Aybra update..

This is going to be very brief as there is not a whole lot of new news. I guess that is a good thing though. Aybra is doing great after her little sickness. She has recovered and is back to her normal pre-sickies self. She had an appointment yesterday for synagis and according to their scales she was 15# 15oz but that was with a wet diaper, t-shirt and socks. Im guessing she is 15.5#. I really should weigh her on my scale but that just seems like so much trouble.

She has found her voice and she loves using it. She used to play quietly but now she plays quite loudly. She likes to scream and holler with her brothers. I figure it is only a small amount of time before she joins in on the screaming matches her brothers compete in on a daily basis.

Her brothers give her the world and she just eats it up. She never does anything by herself. She is not self serving at all! Everything must be handed to her or she is not happy. She refuses to even reach a few inches to get her toy. She wants somebody to do it for her. I find it quite funny but her brothers are happy to do everything for her, especially Alo. He loves his sister very much and every morning upon waking must crawl over to wheverever she is and give her a kiss. The only time she gets mad at him is if he takes her bottle but I dont blame him. That mama milk is some good stuff!

I realized I dont have many pictures from recently so over the next few days I will be snapping heaps of photos and will eventually post some here.

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