Saturday, January 10, 2009

Woes and more Woes

Things have been rather hectic around here lately (I tend to say that a lot)..

Alo had to make an ER trip last Friday for some respiratory issues and a high fever. Everything looked ok so they got the respiratory distress under control and sent him home.. Come Monday the fever was just going away but he started having more respiratory issues so again I rushed him to the ER where this time they could not really get a good handle on his issues. They admitted him and did lots of "pulmonary hygiene" (increased IPVs and bopping).. Turns out part of his left lung was collapsed and he had pneumonia again. He stayed for a few days and was released on Thursday. He ended up missing an appointment for an MRI (I was kind of looking forward to seeing the results from it) so it has been rescheduled for mid Feb. He is back to his normal self now. As I type this he is in his room throwing toys all around.

Aybra had her first little trip to the ER. Monday night as soon as Alo was taken to a room Fallon brought Aybra to the hospital so she could be seen in the ER as well. She was having some respiratory issues when I left with Alo but they got worse as I was gone. So, the doctors examined her and said that she has what brother has (duh!). Depending on what her X-ray looked like they were going to admit her but turns out her x-ray looked fine. She was sent home with some respiratory treatmeants. Today is the first day she has really felt fine.

Kaia ended up seeing the PCP on Wednesday. He has the same junk as the others. Surprise surprise.. He got some medicine as well and has been acting better. I would probably say that he was the first one to really get it but he is much bigger and stronger than the little ones and didnt need as urgent care. Alo was hit the worse by all of it but it only makes sense. After a few days in the hospital though he was sounding better than Aybra.

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Bronwyn said...

Sorry things have been so hectic. I actually made a paper chain to count down to spring, roughly two and a half months from now. I hope things calm down soon.