Friday, January 30, 2009

Aybra appt..

Aybra had her routine follow up with the High Risk Newborn Clinic. This is the place where all of the doctors/therapists/etc get together in one appt (saves us many repeat visits) and do their work. Today she only had to see the doctor. Why? Because she is doing so darn well. They asked if I wanted to see nutrition regarding her being EBF still and I told them no. A nutritionist will not change anything. She will continue to be EBF until I feel she is ready and she is past 1 year (corrected). FWIW She isnt even sitting up now, so she is not ready.

Also, the doctor was fine with the no vaxing stuff and has no issues with it but the nurse seemed to have some issues with it. She asked me if I was going to homeschool her.. I thought Hmm this is a new question but I answered "Yes." She tried to tell me that Aybra wont be able to go to school if she isnt vaxed.. Bullcrap :) Im no dummy. As a parent chosing alternative, or rather non-mainstream, lifestyles I am well informed of my choices as a parent.

Anyway on to the other stuff..

The stats:

25 inches

Her alkaline phosphatase level is still elevated but going down so they feel no need to continue the calcium or retake her levels! Yes!!!! This means that she can go back on the breast FULLTIME! NO MORE BOTTLES!!!! Now.. the only thing is getting her there :( Her calcium was to be mixed into 6 bottles throughout the day. That was pretty much all of her feeds.. She became quite used to the bottles and now is starting to refuse the breast Argh!!!! Please pray that she will take back to the breast now.


The Jones said...


If you do choose public school at some point, it is very easy to get an exemption in AR.

Good luck with nursing full-time.

Khourt said...

Thanks! I dont really think I know anybody personally in Arkansas that had to get the exemption but it seems to be one of the easiest states. Hopefully I will never have to put them in public school though.

The Jones said...

Now you personally know someone that has one...

Khourt said...

Well silly me. I didnt know you had one :) I will come to you if I have any problems (if you dont mind, that is)