Monday, July 14, 2008

Comment Moderation... The drama continues...

That "Cheryl AKA Kimberely Van Buren" person NEVER goes away... I try to turn Anon comments off so she goes to another blog... turn them off there and then she comes back here with a registered name.. Seriously.. SHE HAS ISSUES!!!

She claims I called her materialistic because I told a group of people that anybody who wanted to be a SAHM could be, they just had to budget their income better and get rid of unnecessary things.. Because she was unwilling to get rid of some of these things (like cell phone, high speed internet, etc) she claims that I called her materialistic.. The conversation went something like this:

Person A: Posted a message saying they were feeling guilty because they were going back to work and were putting their kid in daycare..
My response: Is there anyway you can be a SAHM and readjust the budget?
This lovely comment person: You (talking about me) are making her feel guilty by asking that..
Me: There is always a way.. You just have to be willing. Some people dont even try and claim that there is no way.. If they would try they would see that there is a way.. Its all about budgeting and getting rid of things that are not need (like high speed internet, extra phone and cable features, extra car notes, etc)
The comment person: Blah blah there is no way for me because I spend $400 a month in gas so I can go to all kinds of places and Im not giving that up....

She goes on to say that since I stay at home with the boys that I am lazy.. Yeah right.. Let me see her take care of Alo, let alone Alo and Kaia!! I do not stay at home so I can be "lazy". I stay at home so that my children (especially Alo) will live.. Live as in not die. No daycares will take Alo because of his condition. Its not like I could just throw him into any daycare and go get a job. If I did that he would die. He HAS TO HAVE trained people to take care of him.

So now.. She somehow finds my blog and instead of ignoring it she brings up some old drama that didnt even happen on this blog.. It happened on a yahoo group.. Can she not just get over it?? Does she really have nothing better to do than to come and bring unwanted drama here???

So, anyway comments are on moderation until this idiot goes away. Mind you, this person is 20 years older than me yet acting 20 younger...


Cheryl said...

Cheryl? I sure do hope that you do not mean me? I am on your side, always have been.
I admire your strength, courage and determination to be the very best mother you can be.
If you feel I have anything to do with this trash this person has ben spewing...please contact me.
You know the address.
granny from PC

michelle said...

Yep, just who I thought it was!! Oh man, I can't believe she isn't over all that yet! Guess it shows she doesn't have anything better to do than try to start problems with people! she should get over all that crap and pay attention to her own life & take care of her child! Her life must be pretty messed up if this is how she spends her time instead of enjoying her children, what a sad angry woman she is!
And just in case you happen to see this "Cheryl", I WAS there when all that happened, I do know what went on, and you are veyr wrong!!! Khourt had every right to her opinions, and she did NOT insult or put anyone down for being a working parent! And as far as I'm concerned, Khourt is an AMAZING woman and mother!! And a very strong, capable, loving, caring person! So please get over yourself and go away!!

BTW, Khourt, Aybra looks beautiful! Looks like the boys really love their sister home!! :)

Margaret said...

Some people need to get a life.

Personally being a SAHM doesnt work for me, it slides me into uncontrollable depression. But I have a wonderful hubby that LOVES being a SAHD. I am lucky that Sean feels that way, because I want a parent home with my little man.

Dont worry what other people think. Do what is best for you and your kiddos. I think SAHP are amazing. And I may be older then you but I look to you for parenting advice because your boys are older then Robbie.


Khourt said...

Cheryl.. No no no!! Not you at all :) This lovely person who has been commenting decided to register an obviously fake name so she could post on my blog again. The name she chose was "Cheryl". (The comment is on the Since Im so Mean blog) Anybody who was on PreemiesChat when all of that took place knows that the ONLY Cheryl that was on there at that time was you and you are a wonderful person.. Nothing like this Kimberley, now wanting to be called Cheryl person...

Fallon said...

I'm not sure if it's more sad or terrifying that people like that are raising children. It's certainly depressing to think that children are being raised by a parent that behaves like a petulant child herself instead of setting an example. Learning when to simply agree to disagree and move on instead of holding grudges and trying to make life miserable for others is something every adult should not only know how to do, but should be willing and able to do. I hope she's able to teach her child that even though she's apparently unable to practice it in her own life.

This is why I will never join a mommy group... there are many fantastic people there, but it's the immature and childish that make me shudder in horror. You'd expect that kind of drama in the high school lunch room... not in a mommy group. I would never have the patience to deal with it. Kudos to those of you who do; you're a heck of a lot braver than I will ever be!

wendelljo said...

I thought it was probably her. What a wierdo. She had the whole group feeling sorry for her because you and I ticked her off, yet the whole time she was spewing nastiness to you off group. Get a life. Six whole people agreed with her and she thinks that's enough to follow you around the internet and harass you? Someone needs to spend more time with their kids and less time being a drama queen.


Victoria said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with you!!! I really feel unless you are a single mom, you can be a SAHM if you really try. Mind you right now I'm working p/t so my hubby can get through school but I can take the baby with me so it's all good! I just hate when moms put their kids in daycare all the time so they can work and not even see them much. It's sad. :( I mean, some people have to do it because they have no help at home or another income but others... anyway, I totally agree!

(tori729 from CDing board)

Nicole said...

Would love to know who these 6 supposed ppl are, don't believe a word of that crap!