Sunday, July 6, 2008

Since Im so mean....

To those who leave the anonymous mean comments.. I really couldnt care less that you think I am a "mean" spirited person... You dont like me, then dont read my blog! You go through what Ive been through and try not to complain a few times.. And actually I dont think 4 or so complaining posts out of 70 is bad. If you want me to care about your comments then perhaps you should sign them with your name instead of anonymous!


And they keep coming back! Seriously.. Have you nothing better to do than come and leave nasty comments on my blogs?? GET A LIFE!!

P.S. I turned Anonymous comments off. I dont need to read any more crap from people like that.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging


Another update!
It never ends!

I turn anon comments off on this blog so they go to my other blog. I have a very good feeling about who this person is because the crap they are posting they have posted at another place.

"Since I cannot leave comments on your other site. I will leave them here. You are religious? Please....How come someone is nasty if they point out something a person is doing wrong? I am concerned for your children. I think your children see all the confrontation that you give out. You make confrontation over cloth diapers! OMG! I do have experience with preemies. I have one. What does that other person think I am doing on a preemie site?!!! You are judgemental. I have experience with you before and happened to stumble upon your blog. You keep having preemies over and over. How many do you need? How many times are you going to put your children through health problems? A Jehovah, well that does explain a lot. Remember God does not care what religion you are as long as you believe and worship him. Doesn't Jehovah believe in the sanctity of marriage by the way? I had a friend in high school who was a Jehovah and it was a sin just to hold hands out of wedlock and you are making children. You judge others but cannot handle it when someone points out something you are doing incorrectly with your children. Hypocrite! I am sure you with get people to back you up. That is what the weak do. They cannot stand up for themselves without back up. There will always be someone there that will support someone who is sining. The world is full of you!"


Kim said...

Amen! I'm glad you said it Khourt :)

Tastic said...

Sorry there are some 'bloody rude' people! I Loved ready your blog, and with having a preemie myself I can semi relate, obviously this anonymous person hasn't been through what you have
Keep your chin up :)
Congrats again on having Aybra Home

Melody said...

I do believe that what this person is doing is harassment and that you can report it, especially if you have an idea of who it is, at least to the owner of the blog.


I am so glad Aybra is home! How is she doing at home and how are things going in that transition?

Melody said...

yeah um, I meant site... doh!


Margaret said...

Wow! Some people need to get a life. I have never found you to be judgemental of others. Glad you have blocked annonamous comments.

You are an amazing mom and I have no idea how you do all you do.

I meant to ask you, I found a bunch of Robeez, they are sized from about 12 months to 2 years (I think). Would you like them for Alousha?

michelle said...

Hey Khourt! reading that reminds of the person from preemie chat! Please tell me she is not still at it!
aybra looks great! So glad she's home with you! Miss chatting with you, hopefully can catch ya on soon :)

Nancy Brown said...

Well for starters a MORMON is not a JEHOVAH. But at least they can read right.. Oh nope. Makes me so mad. You didn't sign up for this. Second you do know that you are having preemies all the time and have stated in previous posts that you know that you are done having children because of this. I guess again they can't read. It makes me so mad. SO just because they think you are causing "harm" to your children you are not entitled to have offspring. To bad stupidity is NOT a reason to stop having offspring.

Man I am so pissed right now!

Fallon said...

Talk about pot meet kettle syndrome! Just remember Khourt, you've never sunk to such levels of hatefulness in your life... she apparently makes it a regular habit and is hypocritically blind to that fault.

It appears that someone needs to stop pointing the finger at others and remember that the other 4 fingers are pointing solely in her direction. That's a pretty big clue for the less than ignorant... though I'm having my doubts that she qualifies in that particular category given that she can't even read enough to realize you're Mormon and not Jehovahs and apparently isn't aware of exactly where a period should and should not be used in the English language either.

To be ignorant of one's ignorance is the malady of the ignorant, so said a wise soul years ago.

You might consider reminding her of that next time she uses your blogs to malign you out of whatever screwed up personal issues she's dealing with. You might also suggest therapy for whatever issue forces her to chase you around your blogs leaving nasty comments without being adult enough to sign her name.

Now that probably sounds mean spirited, doesn't it? I bet it puts your very real concerns and right to be upset into some semblance of perspective for those too dense to even know what mean spirited really means.

My assessment, while harsh is, however, truth. If it just happens to be mean... I can't really help that. Sometimes the truth hurts, especially when it's directed at those content to ignore its very existence. There is no sense in trying to dress up what the other will refuse to believe no matter how much evidence is gathered.

If only common sense were a foolproof preventative of willful idiocy... people like that particular individual would find far more productive things to do with their time than to harass you (and yes, it is harassment and it is illegal).


Bronwyn said...

As usual, I'm a couple of days behind, but Ho Lee Crap. What a weirdo. What does she think she is going to accomplish with these comments? May she find peace in her insult-flinging lifestyle.

Cheryl said...

Okay, well you people obviously don't know the whole story. I listened to her insult several people because they had to work and what terrible Mothers they are. She has insulted many people, so many on preemie chat as a matter of fact I had six people email me after an incident with her that have also had problems in the past. So, you are one sided to think anyone would say something against her for no apparent reason. She said we were selfish, materialistic blah, blah, blah. I saw the word jehovah excuse me. My daughter is just 2 and was crying while I was on the computer and I was a little distracted. Mormon's don't believe in children without marriage either. Very few religions do. I could care less. I have several friends with children who are not married. My point was that she judges while things in her own life aren't perfect. So, she has several people brain washed into thinking she is miss perfect I guess. She can insult and judge others and that is okay I guess. My name is Cheryl was is that so important to everyone? Now is that better for all of you. I have a 2 year old preemie daughter. So, now you know my name. Why does that change anything?

Nicole said...

Wow, haven't checked in on your blog for a bit and was shocked to see this girl was here at your blog...GEEZ!!!

Apparently some ppl have nothing better to do, maybe she doesn't realize how horrible and never the less very immature and nasty she's being for someone of her age to still being doing such so many months later, crazy and ridiculous to say the least!!!

Much love and support, ignore her!