Friday, June 20, 2008


Last week was really busy, but this week should be better. I had midterms last week. The boys are both sick. Alo woke up last weekend with a cold and its still kind of lingering, then Kaia got it on Tuesday. Alo is almost over his though. Kaias is just now at the point where its getting better so he should be good in no time as well :)

Aybra is doing well also. These last two days she has done really well with her bottles. Not well enough to really call it a TON of progress but its progress. This is the best she has done ever so Im proud of her. I think it will still be a few weeks (2 at the least) until she comes home. She isnt really anywhere near taking all of her bottles but she is getting closer and starting to take more. Still havent been able to breastfeed her and Im sure the doctors are going to give me trouble with that so Im not even pushing it right now. Im just trying to let her do what she needs so she can come home and then I fill focus on breastfeeding her then.

I updated briefly earlier about the ROP.. Of course they didnt even bother to tell me about it. I had to ask them. But in their defense the dates of her exams were written down wrong so they thought her last one was in May and her "next one" would be in July but actually they have been examining her every week because her eyes have been getting worse. I dont really think she will have many more problems with them though. I think where she is now is where she will stay but then again I didnt think she was going to have the IVH either. Anyway I do have some pictures but it will have to wait until tomorrow to upload those.


Bronwyn said...

Why in blazes is she allowed to take a bottle but not breastfeed? If it's a nutrition issue, it's not like she's getting all her nutrition from you anyway. What gives?

Khourt said...

The only valid excuse I would take is aspiration and they wont do a swallow study to see about that. (I can tell she doesnt aspirate though) So, what is their excuse? They say she would burn too many calories.. Yeah right. Next time Im there alone (without the boys) Im going to latch her on. They can kiss my fanny ;) BTW She is off of the canula (as of yesterday) but Im sure they would have another excuse now why they dont want me to BF.

Anonymous said...

I am glad your baby is doing well. Too bad you are so mean spirited. All you do is complain. Are you going to have more preemies?