Thursday, June 5, 2008

Im such a bad blogger..

Ive been meaning to update but I didnt want to until I had some pictures... Well here it is.

She is at 2325 up from 2258. Thats 5#!! Today they tried to turn down her flow some but she didnt tolerate it well so they turned it back up. She still isnt eating much by bottle. Her breathing is too fast. When she does eat she isnt finishing the whole ammount. I believe she has only finished a complete bottle once. But she is slowly making some progress. I found out the other day that she will be coming home on an apnea monitor. So far no word on the oxygen but from the looks of it she might be coming home with some oxygen too. Ive requested ENT come in to look at her but Im going to have to talk to the doctor about that since they dont have one at this hospital. Ill probably have to take her once she gets home. Im actually a little peeved that they wont do anything before but Im just the mother.. I dont know anything.

Anywho...The other night when I went in the nurse was messing with her.. Changing her clothes and stuff. It was right at her feed time and she was HUNGRY! She was eating her hands and everything.. She was breathing too fast to PO feed but they let me feed her anyway. She took half of it and I think if she had a faster flow nipple she would have taken more.

Here she was crying...


You will never guess what happened to some of my milk!! Ive been donating it... This past Monday I shipped off a small shipment to a woman with a newborn.. Ok newborns dont take that much milk per day right? According to this woman her baby took about 15-20 oz per day.. Pretty typical.. Well she was pumping herself but has a low supply.. So she was needing the milk to supplement one or two feeds per day... My point? The small shipment was 100 ounces... And it would have lasted for a long time... Well the dang USPS broke the box that the cooler was in AND broke the cooler AND broke open some of the bags.. So the once frozen breastmilk was no longer frozen and it had leaked everywhere!! Im so pissed.. Pissed at PO for screwing it up.. And pissed because it had to be wasted. Thats liquid gold!!!!! And its not like I shipped some flimsy little box. For Petes sake, if Fedex can ship the box and not mess it up then surely the PO should be able to... WRONG!!! Needless to say 100 ounces got wasted! Anyway.. if you are in Maine or know of anybody in Maine that has extra breastmilk let me know!

Her first Dolly


The boys had to break it in first ;)



Her and her Dolly (which Kaia named Baby Sissy)


Some of her clothes at the hospital


Sis, Kaia and Me


Her first longies


Her (now) too small dress :(


Babywearing some more


And a face shot


The normal "I cant go to the hospital without Kaia wanting his picture taken" shot


My mum and Aybra


And a cute little bow


All stretched out


Check out those painted nails (fingers and toes)



Nicole said...


First I apologize as I haven't been keeping up with your blogs although reading as often as I could. I have spent most of the morning catching up reading them though :o) I miss hearing from you and how everyone is doing and often think of you all. I know your busy though and can't imagine how hectic life must be for you.

After catching up on your blogging I have so much I'd like to say but will try and keep it short and sum up all my reading here. First off, Aybra is absolutely gorgeous, it sure doesn't seem like she should be so big already... 5 Lb's, wow! I guess it won't be much longer before you get to bring your little miracle home?!?

The boys look great and I love seeing all the pics of the kiddos. Hehe, Kai looks like such a proud big brother holding his baby sister!

It seems as though thing's have certainly been hard for you and you have had to face some enormous struggles but don't ever forget how strong you are. You are an amazingly strong dependent woman who has always did what is for her children and you can do this. Those babies precious faces with keep you going!

I hope to hear from you some day when all calms and you have time to take a breather.
Sending my thoughts and prayers and i wish you and the kiddos all the best in life and your future!

The Ross Kiddos said...

I can't believe miss Aybra is already 5 pounds..She is getting so big...She will be home before you know it...Kiss the babies for me...


Cheryl said...

So glad you blogged...was getting worried...please forgive the "retired" among is so easy to forget how very busy it is to be a young mom...
Aybra is doing a great job of growing...she is beautiful...although, Kaia is looking quite "glam" himself :) the pic of the boys with the doll are adorable...ds had a doll of his own...a cabbage patch doll...he is now 30-something and a great dad...
hugs, prayers and positive energies,

Kathy preemie Chat ( levis mommy) said...

Hey Khourt i bought her a new lil preemie outfi and some beads will it be to small for ehr by time it gets there? let me know eitehr way and i cant seem to find teh adress now so can u please give it to me .. HUGSS she looks wonderful

Bronwyn said...

Good to see things are going okay. Aybra is looking wonderful.

veganf said...

Aybra's looking great!
So sorry about the milk disaster. That's happened to me twice during my 9 months donating milk. So disappointing. :-(