Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It has been a while since I have updated but I had some good news and didnt want to risk jinxing myself (or Aybra) by prematurely posting it.

She is much closer to coming home, but still a few weeks ago. On Saturday she was taken off of the nasal cannula and as of today she is still off and doing well. She is having desats but she is brining them up on her own. The majority of her desats are with her feeds.

The feeding is going well. She was increased today to 48ml. She is on 100% breastmilk fortified with the stupid human milk fortifier. She is tolerating it very well. She is PO feeding almost all of her bottles now. Today she had PO fed all of her feeds so far. That is really good news! In a few more days she should be moved from the unit she is in now to another unit that is the final step before going home.

They keep telling me that I will have to room in with her but Im going to do everything I can to NOT room in with her.. I just find it ridiculous. I mean, I have a child on a ventilator at home.. I think I can handle a baby with just a monitor ;) Its not like I havent had a preemie before, let alone a preemie that is and was much sicker than she is or has been.

I do have some pictures but I need to transfer them first.


Nic said...

Praise God! I'm praying for her!

Cheryl from PC said...

Been checking for an is wonderful that Aybra is doing so well :) good news is well worth waiting for!
hugs, smiles and prayers,