Friday, June 27, 2008


Well today I talked to a good nurse.. One that is on my team and trying to get her home within a few days.. Yes DAYS!!! I will only believe it when I see it though.. She told me I had to call the supply company.. Hmm Normally they do that stuff.. So I called (mind you the supply company that Im going to be using had literally JUST left my house from switching out Alos ventilator).. Anyway the supply company said that the hospital had to call them which is what I figured.. So I called the hospital back and told them that they had to call.. So they were going to fax over the information and we are waiting on the prescription from the doc for the monitor.. Then the supply company has to come out (Maybe Monday) and do the "teaching" on the monitor. After that the hospital makes me to room in (thought it isnt mandatory)... They just want to make sure that I can handle the monitor.. so instead of rooming in I can just go up there and spend the day which is much better than rooming in.. Then she will have to do the carseat test on her monitor and after that she should be ready to come home. Even though the nurse said a few days Im still thinking it will be longer because obviously the doctor has the make the choices and they like to make her out as being sicker than what she is.

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Margaret said...

I remember Robbie's carseat test. He puked all over his nice new carseat... Of course Robbie got jaundice and didnt get to leave right after his test. The doc shocked me with ordering the carseat test at 24hrs old ~ Robbie drove everyone crazy setting off his alarms by kicking.

Good luck. Hope Aybra passes with flying colours and she gets to come home to momma.