Friday, June 20, 2008



One week ago
Stage 1 Zone 1 Plus 0
This week
Stage 2 Zone 2 Plus 0

Next eye exam is in a week.


Nancy Brown said...

We are ROP kings in this house. Ty had ROP rush 3. Went from 0-3 overnight. Sucks totally. We sure love him and I am so glad to have him around. Thank for the update. I haven't been able to catch you online.

Love ya!

Khourt said...

Hey. I havent really been online lately. When I have been online I havent been looking at my messenger. Im usually invisible when I am there though so if you are around just send me a message and if Im there Ill respond.

I wonder what the statistics are like 1 out of every so many preemies has ROP.. Im guessing 1 out of 3 since I have 3 kids and this is my first...

Alo shocked me at not having it but he has the other issues. I swear he skipped out on a lot of preemie issues but got ones with similar symptoms. Didnt get ROP but he has a hole in his retina.. like its any better. *rolling my eyes* Didnt get IVH but has the shunt and all that lovely stuff... No NEC but had multiple tummy surgeries.