Monday, March 31, 2008

3.31.08 Delivery day :(

They have decided that they are going to deliver today. I am 26.5 weeks. I have no specifics. I dont know if they will let me attempt vaginal as it might be too risky with the heart rate.. or if they are going to do a csection. I really really dont want a csection but I want an alive baby. Please pray that things go ok with the baby. I will let you guys know more as soon as I can.


Nic said...

Thinking of you Khourtniey! Prayers coming for your little one!

~Nic from TBW

Kerri said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, the baby and the doctors tending to you both!!! God bless you all!!!

~ Kerri form Mothering

Lesley said...

Oh, I hope you and the little one are doing well! We'll be thinking of you! *HUGS*

sunkist-stef said...

Thinking of you today, I hope all is well!

(Teegs from p.o Birthing Naturally board)

divinityjasmine said...

oh, kourtniey! you and the baby are in my prayers.
-jen (babyjelly) from mdc

Red Sonja said...

You and your babe are in my thoughts and prayers!

- Red Sonja from MDC