Thursday, March 27, 2008


Going by OB Ill be 26 weeks tomorrow but that is based off of scan. By conception I will be 26 weeks on Thursday and I believe theneonatologist is going to go by that. Either today or tomorrow I will have a baby though Things are still fine right now. Cervix is thin and Im sure a lot more since last time they checked. I get next steroids at 12. They are trying to hold off until at least midnight. Its 10.30 nowi have my laptop so I should be able to keep you guys updated but it will probably take a bit to update if the baby cmes. They are pushing to section me and Im refusing.Im in the same room I had Alo in... talk about memories.... And the nurse that took care of Alo in the NICU (and found his spina bifida) is working today and tomorrow and has requested to take care of this baby too

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