Thursday, March 27, 2008

3.24.08 11am

Hey ladies... Sorry I couldnt update you guys yesterday. I said I was going to have my sister update you but I couldnt even talk to her yesterday. Some people tried calling but I could not even lift up the phone to hold it. I did try answering it once (I guess when my birth buddy called) but it just fell back down. I couldnt even turn myself over in the bed and I was having some nausea and vomittingI was having contractions on Saturday night and they upped the mag Sunday morning and I went downhill from there. I couldnt move or anything. Mag SUCKS!! They have stopped it now though and Im feeling a lot better but now they are watching for infection. My temp has been up and down but not high and WBC has been up and down (currently down) so they are just keeping an eye on it. Because the baby is fine with no fluid they arent worried about that but if any problems start happening then they will take the baby. They are thinking of moving me from the room Im currently in into another room where I will stay until this baby is here. For now though, things are good.Im only on antibiotics and fluid. My blood pressure dropped too much on the mag so they stopped it and they stopped giving me the procardia because my pressure is still low but its going back up some. It was 60's over 30's but now its back in the upper 80's over 50's... a little low for me but closer to normal.Im not really having any contractions since the mag and procardia has been stopped so thats a good thing.If I move rooms Ill give you guys the new number.

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