Thursday, March 27, 2008

3.24.08 9pm

Nothing really new to update right now. The baby is still baking and looking good. There was a little fluid on the ultrasound today but as soon as I move it all leaks back out. Ive also been having some blood leaking. I had started leaking blood when I first came in on the 21st but it had pretty much stopped. Then right before I got moved into the new room today it started again.Maybe TMI for some but when I stand up blood just pours down my legs. Its not really much but its enough to be bothersome and have to change pads every hour or so. (Some of that is amniotic fluid too) Everything is fine though. The blood is probably just coming from dilation or something but they are not doing any internal exams. Baby is still head down on the ultrasound. Temp is looking good as well as WBC. Blood pressure is pretty much back to normal also. Im just still really tired and sore. And Im scared to poop!! Im literally terrified that this baby will be born on the toilet or something so Ive kind of been holding it.. But they are going to give me some meds so its really easy to go and hopefully I wont have a baby on the toilet. The ultrasound today looked like my cervix was closed enough so that I could go poop without popping a baby outThe way things look right now I think I can hold out for a few more days at least. Im hoping for weeks but I dont know if I can go that long.Alo came to see me twice today.. He sat on my bed and played with the volume on the tv. I havent gotten to see Kaia since Thursday My mum is really making me mad too. She was supposed to bring him up yesterday... She never came... She said she was going to come today.. but then she changed her mind again and she said she was just going to come when I had the baby.. Yeah! That could be weeks from now! So, she called in to work because Im in the hospital yet she cant come and see me. She was here on Friday night but left Saturday and hasnt been back since. Ugh!!!

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