Thursday, March 27, 2008

3.27.08 3pm

Thanks everybody You guys are so great. Ultrasound was great. Baby was practicing breathing even. Baby is head and feet down Squished into a tiny ball. He did not take measurements because he said he wanted at least 10 days from the last ones.. So I guess next week he will take more. Baby looked great though. Got an 8/10 so thats really good. There is still no fluid. I was hoping there was some because it feels like my stomach is growing again but I guess that could just be the baby growing. The doctor is not worried about delivering the baby yet. As long as the infection stays away then I can continue to stay in this nice (haha) little hospital bed. For the questions that were asked...I am on oral antibiotics like 4 times a day. It was IV but they switched it the other day when they stopped the IV fluids. With the other boys...Kaia I started dilating at 18 weeks. Started having contractions at 20 and was given terb... it didnt really help much but it helped some. At 24 weeks the contractions were regular 3-10 minutes 24 hours a day. I was dilated 3-4 for a while with him. I was admitted at 28 weeks and he was born at 29.With Alo... I started dilating at 17 weeks.. Never had any contractions. Rolled over in bed one morning and thought I peed myself.. Got up and it was my water.. Got to the hospital and I was 3-4. I had only been 1-2 and Im not really sure when the change happened.. Started having contractions about 30 minutes after my water broke... I got to take a nice helicopter ride from the local hospital to the big hopsital with the NICU.. and Alo was born not even 12 hours after my water broke. They tried to hold it off but it just wasnt working. He was determined to come out. The hospital I had Alo in is the hospital Im in right now... and when my water broke this time they put me in the same room I delivered Alo in. It was bittersweet. Alo was here today when they did the ultrasound and some students were watching... My sister said "Hey Alo do you remember him".. The doctor said probably not... and one of the students said "Im sure it would have been pleasant memories...." Uhh yeah right!! He was flirting with the student though. It was cute

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