Saturday, March 29, 2008


Not much has been going on. My WBC has been going up and down but not up too high.... same with my temp.. up and down but nothing too big.

I started having bleeding again this afternoon and it is quite a bit compared to what it has been. I am feeling great though.

I have this lovely little board in my room that reminds me everyday how far along I am... It would be great but the doctors are using different days (and obviously can't add).. I was 26w 1d when this picture was taken... According to their dates I would be 26w 5d but again they can't add. They had it as 26w 4d... Its a nice reminder... but I would love to see those dates much higher.


My sister brought me a lovely little basket of gifts.



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Lesley said...

Hi! I'm from your DDC. Aww what a cute little basket! How sweet of her. I hope they get their dates straightened up. That's a little disconcerting!

Stay put baby and keep on baking!