Thursday, March 27, 2008


They tested the babies responses today.. Baby didnt respond but since baby is moving they arent worried about it. Babies HB is fine also. They decided that I wasnt eating enough today so they are making me eat more (Im always on eating disorder watch at this hospital) Ive been eating when I get hungry but its not enough for them. The doctor actually searched the breakfast tray this morning to see how much I had eaten.. They took the IV fluids and IV antibiotics off yesterday. I have a heplock but no fluids. They are letting me eat and drink all by mouth.. And the antibiotics are oral now too.Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks. The peri is going to come in and do a scan to see how the baby looks and see if there is any fluid hiding in there. I am making more fluid but its all just leaking out. The bleeding has pretty much stopped completely.Blood pressure still looks good. I had a few contractions yesterday and a few today but not anything big. If I have more they will restart all of the mag and procardia.Ive been feeling pretty good. I had a headache last night but I think its from lack of sleep and just not being able to get comfortable. I can get up and go to the restroom (TGG no more stinkin bedpans) but otherwise I have to lay flat.. even to eat. Very uncomfortable but all worth it in the end.Oh and I did have a nice round pregnant belly but now I have nothing. Fundal height is around 18 or 20 (was 29ish) but there just isnt any belly.. I feel and look more postpartum than pregnant.My sister should be here any minute with my two boys ..... and some ice cream lol

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