Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok.. Ive really been trying not to complain about the nurses but the one today had me almost ready to scream at her... She was telling me that they stopped the breastmilk in her feeds and that she is only on neocate again.. They are trying to increase her volume so she will gain weight...

She is on 20 cal per ounce... Her feeds are 28ml every 3 hours and they want her to get to at least 30ml.. Ok.. No problem there.. But on Friday she was at 24 cal per ounce.. When they started putting the breastmilk in they bumped her back down to 20 cal per ounce.. Makes absolutely no sense to me... Instead of increasing the caloric amount they are wanting to increase the volume... Or in other words.. If they would have left it at 28ml every 3 hours at 24 cal per ounce she would be getting approx 192 calories per day.. At 30ml every 3 hours at 20 cal per ounce she is only going to be getting 160 calories per day.. Of course the math isnt exact but how is this supposed to help her gain weight? She is going to be losing an extra 4 calories per feed and they think this is going to help her gain weight? When I brought this up to the nurse I obviously was just a stupid parent who had no clue what I was talking about..

So they are also weaning her off of the cannula.. No problem there either.. She has been between 1.75 and 2.. Yesterday they went down to 1.5 and today they went down to 1.25 and depending on how she tolerates it they are going to get her down to 1... Thats good... BUT the nurse said as long as her heart rate and sats look good they will keep going down on it... Ok Ive been through this with Alo before too... They try to wean him.. he does ok with the wean but he works too hard to breathe.. but since his heart rate and sats look good they keep weaning him down thus making him look like death in the flesh... Literally because he would not gain weight... It seems like the same thing is happening again.. Dont get me wrong. Im happy that she is being weaned but I think they need to truly figure out if the weight loss is from the feeds or from the breathing before they start making changes.

Anyway she is doing good. Ill update some pictures later.

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