Thursday, May 8, 2008

Who will walk first?

This is a conversation I have had a few times with different people...

Is Aybra going to walk before Alo? Or is Alo going to walk before Aybra?? My money has been on Aybra (not that I bet on my kids or anything) but now I might put a little on Alo..

Check this out!


Alo's new torture device.. It even comes with a table (the top can be removed and there is a bowl under it for toys or whatever he wants to put in it)


He FINALLY got his stander!!!!! Granted, he hates it but he got it! He has been in it 3 times for a total of about 2 minutes... The first two times was getting it all adjusted for him and then I tried him out today but he had a huge fit so I took him right back out of it. His legs are still really tight and its painful for him to be on them. Hopefully soon he will get loosened up a bit more and be able to enjoy being upright instead of on his knees. His poor knees are so roughed up from "standing" on them and crawling everywhere.

This device will hold him into a standing position and make him bear weight on his legs (which he does not do).. It is not a walker but it *might* help him to eventually walk.. Then again it might not... but we will not know until he can actually use his legs more and put more weight on them. We do know if he ever does walk that he will need braces at least up to his knees possibly much further.

Now to get the dang wheelchair.

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