Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Awww Alo-shua is watching John and Kate with me and they were all clapping and saying "Yay" so Alo-shua says "yeah... yeah"

He went with me to the hospital tonight and he had a blast. He played with the curtain into Aybras room and he told this one nurse (only this one) "Hi" everytime she walked past. She thought he was cute.

Alo-shua got to watch the nurse give Aybra a bath.. He just sat in the chair and looked and looked. I kept trying to get him to touch her but he wouldn't. He doesnt really touch her much at all.. I have to literally force his hand to touch her.. So he just sits back and watches.. and plays with her bed (opens and closes the isolette door) Thats about as close as he gets to touching her.. I imagine its going to be LOADS of fun when she gets to come home

He lasted for a while but then started to get really loud and hyper.. banging on the window and yelling so I had to bring hiim home.

Aybra was good today and tonight. After her bath she was weighed and she had gained even more weight. She was 1798.. re-weighed and 1792. I think they took the latter.

Ill edit this later with pictures and video from tonight (have to upload it)

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