Thursday, May 8, 2008


On the 6th Aybras nurse told me to "Come tomorrow prepared to hold her".... Yeah right... Since she pulled her vent out that whole plan fell apart.. But tonight.. the 8th.. she got to be held.. By Nanny!!




She weighs 1460 grams now... Her feeds are still 28ml but are now 24cal/oz. And she is going to be weighed every day now. They stopped some of her sedation too so thats good news. And of course since Im so negative Ill share some of the bad stuff... She had a pretty bad episode this morning.. but recovered nicely. HR dipped below 80, Sats dropped to 19! BUT!! I guess it was in the midst of a big poopie so they arent too worried about it... and she has been fine since.

FWIW The nurse I talked to today only told me about the episode and I specifically asked her if anything had changed.. I had to drill her for information about her oxygen needs... (What flow is she on... What %... How is she doing... etc) She never told me about the feed change or the sedation... So... Yes.. I will continue to complain about the nurses not telling me things when they have notes stating that I want to know.

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~Debbi~ said...

Look at her beautiful little nails!