Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Bad news today.

She had a head ultrasound yesterday and I was fully expecting it to be fine since all of the others have been.. Nope. She has a Grade 1 IVH right side.. Its the lowest you can go but its still a bleed :/ Im praying that the follow-up HUS in a few weeks will show nothing else.

Aybra also had to be increased on her cannula because she has been desatting.

Her feeds are now 22cal per ounce.

Her last eye exam showed some immature vessels but thats all just part of being preemie. She will have another follow-up with that sometime.

Her weight last night was 1750 which was up from 1703 so she is still gaining really well.

She is really active and trying to escape from her isolette. Last night I was holding her and when I put her up I got her all situated in a comfy position.. I guess it wasnt comfortable enough because she kicked her little feet and moved herself up against the little hand hole.. I moved her back before I left but I guess throughout the night and today she keeps going to that same spot. The nurse said she almost got herself stuck between the matress and the side. Silly girl!!


Lesley said...

Poor baby girl! And poor Mama! I hope the next ultrasound shows it all cleared up! That's so scary!

Laura McIntyre said...

She sounds cute, thats great she is gaining well . Im sorry about the U/S results