Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Where to start...

Nothing really new. They have tried a lot of "new" things but they all failed.

They have been trying to nipple her but she just isnt doing too well. Her breathing has been too laboured for her to nipple.

She has been gaining weight. She is now 2018!! Shes a big girl now! The way she was going in the beginning she was supposed to have been coming home around this time :/ Instead she is still in there still waiting on some of the basic things.

They tried her cannula off of her but almost immediately she started desatting and hanging around the 60s so she is back on it.. It didnt even last half a day.. Today she was having more desats so they increased the flow.

Here is a video of Kaia holding her and brushing her hair... Notice how he is just rocking and rocking.

And some pictures




And this is how they fell asleep last night.. Alo crawled over to Kaia and snuggled up with him.



Margaret said...

Ah, I am sorry you dont have better news. Has Aybra had a blessing? Have you had one for comfort? Hugs. Wish I was there to give you a real one.

Khourt said...

No. She hasnt had one. The missionaries do service at the hospital so I want to meet them there one day. A bunch of people from the ward have said they wanted to go and see her.. Lately Ive been going in the late evening and I think its too late for most of them. Do you think they would go one Sunday after Church? They will be here tomorrow so I will have to ask them.

Nancy Brown said...

A lot of the church memebers would go on sunday and the Elders and Sisters would LOVE to visit. They never stop working so trip on a sunday would help them pass the day! Get a blessing for her. She will do well Kourt.. She is still little! Keep up the good work mom!