Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Aybra had a pretty good day yesteday.. They weaned her vent down to 30... Today they weaned it down to 26 and her PIP to 19.. Kaia got to visit with her for a while last night and he loved it.. He just sat in the chair the entire time and held onto her hand.

Heres some pictures





Pictures from tonight...

Something is missing..


She pulled her vent out tonight


Me and Kaia were sitting in the chair beside her bed reading a book when all of a sudden her vent started beeping "apnea"... "Hmm" I thought... Her monitor was showing a pretty good RR... So the respiratory tech came in and sure enough she had pulled it out.. The nurse told Aybra last night that if she were to pull it out that the nurse would leave it out and see how she did. Well I guess tonight she decided to see if the nurse was telling the truth or not... So she is back on the cannula and comfort flow... O2 was around 30% but she needs the flow more than the O2.. Flow is 2LPM.

Last night she was weighed and she was 1410.. That was a pretty big drop.. Nurse weighed her again and got 1410 again.. So she waited for a few hours until her next care was due and weighed her again and this time got 1445.. Still kind of low but better than 1410.

Her PICC line is out! She now only has her feeding tubes (OG and TPT), her pulseox, apnea monitor, and cannula. We are backing on the "up" ride of the roller coaster.


mia said...

Oh my your pictures are so cute! I love the one with Kaia's hand on her back...he is such a good brother.
I love Kaia's coat! Where did you get that?!?


Shannon Harris said...

Okay those pictures of her and Kaia are about the sweetest things ever!!! And way to go Aybra for pulling out your tube!!!

Fallon said...

I love that his hot pink nails are in that picture. So cute!

Jayme said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pics. I agree about the one with his hand on her back. He's going to be her one man army, you can so see it.

Laura McIntyre said...

I love pictures of your boys with the baby , you are going to make such a beautiful family.

Congrats on going ventless, thats a big milestone