Sunday, May 4, 2008


She is doing well... Well is not good enough for me.. I am wanting more and Im getting frustrated and angry and sad and all kinds of other emotions.. At frist she was doing sooo well... I expected some setbacks and they did not seem to be coming then all of a sudden they came with a vengence.. She had a few of them (the sepsis, vent, feeds, etc)... She has improved since then and I am thankful for it, but I just dont feel like it is enough.

Her feeds are at 28ml.. 2 hour on, 1 hour off. She is tolerating that well so that is really great...

She is on air control temp on her bed... Thats pretty good too.. She is holding her temp up more but she is getting chubby chubby... They got the excess fluid off of her but it really didnt help with the weight.. She was 1580 last night and 1590 tonight.. So 3.5#.

They started steroids on her yesterday. She hasnt really been on room air much lately. Shes been around 50% but tonight was able to be weaned to around 39%... So it seems like they are helping but her latest x-ray looked crappy... She has no heart visible :/ I had them show me all of her x-rays from around the 3rd of April until tonight and the one on the 3rd of April looked fantastic compared to todays.. It looked better than Alos x-rays and that says a lot cos his lungs are just not good at all.... Tonight though her x-rays looked worse than his. I asked the nurse when she thought they would start talking CLD diagnosis and she said she wasnt really sure, but she hoped that she would not need "all of that equipment" referring to Alo's stuff... I hope she doesnt need ANY equipment. Having two kiddos on vents now is hard enough even though one is in the hospital.. Having two at home would just be torture.. So say some prayers that she kicks this infection and gets off of the vent and o2 very soon. 36 weeks is coming up fast and thats usually when they start diagnosing things.

Oh and she got one of her PICC lines out today. Im sure Im missing other things but I will update them later.

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