Monday, May 5, 2008


Feeds are still 28 ml... Still 2 on one off. They are fortifying now though.. a whole 1 extra calorie per ounce.

Ive been waiting for her to have her eye exam.. I swear I thought it was scheduled for the end of May.. Turns out it was the end of April.. So she had it on the 30th.. Just so happens to be the same day Alo had his appt... They never told me she had it.. So today I receieve a letter in the mail stating that she is being observed for ROP and a whole bunch of other stuff. The way the letter read was that she had it so I called furious to the hospital asking them if she indeed does hav it and why I was never informed that she even had the eye exam.. When I ask them "Has anything changed today" I expect to hear EVERY SINGLE ORDER... and EVERY SINGLE CHANGE... even the slightest one... I think an eye exam is pretty important... Nobody told me any results, good or bad from the first one.. I am NOT happy right now..

She is requiring a lot of sedation.. They changed it from IV to PO today... She is still kind of getting used to the switch.. As soon as the sedation starts wearing off she starts acting up.

They were able to remove her IV today so now all she has is one PICC line.

She looked so cute today all dressed up but I couldnt find my camera before I left so I didnt get any pictures :( I did get some of last night though.. Oh and the hospital took a picture of her today and made her another little scrapbook page. Its cute. Ill get a picture of it later (found my camera when I got home)..

So here are the pictures that was on it..

A picture of her vent settings from last night


A picture of her from last night


Kaia wanting to read a bedtime story last night..


Kaia and Nanny at the hospital last night


Alo last night waiting on Verda (his nurse)... with the worlds worst snappi job EVER (Green Earth Textile Indian Unbleached Infant Prefold trifolded inside a Gerber prefold) And look at his hair!!


And I dont remember sharing this one.. Alo in the pumproom with me the other day



Dirtpuddle said...

Haha, love the look on Alo's face in the last pic.

Jeez, when my kid was in the NICU I never even thought to ask for details every day. I ASSumed they'd tell me if anything important happened, they probably did a whole bunch of crap to him that I never even knew about...

baby duck said...

My Little Bit had ROP also. They dilated her eyes to check on her once a week, and we had to continue to do so once a month for a while after we were released. They've "released" her from this dx now, but we still are suppposed to get her checked once a year because apparently she is in danger of suffering a retinal detachment because she was early.

You might want to ask how often then intend to check her while she's in the NICU.

Bronwyn said...

That's a good book Kaia is reading. I'm Mormon, don't know if you knew :) I'm glad your on the up side again. The roller coaster ride gets old, that's for sure.

Lauren said...

Wow...I'm so glad a a NICU nurse I don't work in your NICU. It sounds like you don't even give them a chance on a day to day basis. You have to work WITH the nurses not AGAINST them. Your beautiful baby can pick up on your negativity. Trust that they have done this thousands of times before, and be proactve in her care. But if you don't work WITH is going to be a very, very long 2-3 more months for you.
-a concerned NICU nurse

Convert said...

Wow.. What a comment to make.. I do work WITH the NICU nurses... but there is only so much I can do when THEY do not tell me information... Like for instance today... They failed to tell me that the calories in her formula was increased. Other parents might not want to know details but I do and as a parent I am entitled to know EVERYTHING that happens with my child.. As the caretaker of my child they should be giving me this information without be having to hound them for details or without me having to read her chart.

Wendy said...

Lauren, I think you need to look up the definition of egocentric, and then work on empathy. You've obviously never had a sick child (or even had a child?). If you did, as a nurse you'd want to know every single detail - no amount of information is too small. Khourt has to go through her child's chart to find out information - does that not bother you? Would that bother you if it was your own child?

Khourt I'm really sorry you're dealing with some very unempathetic people. If they spent one day in your life they'd probably crumble to tears.

Bronwyn said...

We're going through the same thing, and the nurses and NP's in charge of our baby admitted that they have never been through this, never been expected to give up the level of parental influence that NICU parents do. This isn't a control issue. It's a parent/child bond issue. I'm feeling lucky that if this had to happen to me, it was on my third child, and I'm already esablished as a parent. I can only imagine that first-time parents leave their NICU experience totally handicapped because they've never made a decision for their own baby. Who's child is it anyway?

Jayme said...

I have known Khourt since we were in Junior High School. I know her well enough to know that she only complains when its a valid complaint. She is a mother who's been through this same thing twice before, she knows what she's talking about and knows what she is asking for. Lauren, I know its a bit petty to say this... but if YOU were her NICU nurse, I'd have to knock your teeth out.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I'm sure she's glad you're NOT her nurse. And fyi not all nurses think like you, tG, some are compassionate (and seasoned) enough to grasp the significance of the details. You don't need to "concern" yourself with her rapport with staff~ I think she's been through it enough to safely assume that she can *probably* handle herself without your amazing wisdom, lol. I WISH I had had the presence of mind in the midst of my experience to know what to ask, because I missed so many of my dd's "milestones" in the first few weeks of her life.

It's not our job to figure out how to "keep things smooth" with staff when we're in the throes of acute emotional trauma. EXCUSE US if you're so easily offended or annoyed by such perfectly reasonable and appropriate behavior. Maybe it's not the job for you. SOME nurses appreciate or at least tolerate our obssession with the details~ TG for them!