Friday, May 2, 2008


I just havent felt like updating lately... Aybra is doing good, but not as good as I would like her to be doing.

Vent settings:
PIP 20
PEEP 4.5
RR 32
O2 Varies..

Feed:Her lipids were stopped yesterday because 20ml was her "full feeds" and she got there and tolerated it fine but they will continue to increase it as much as she tolerates it.

She has been desatting a lot lately.. Having quite a bit of secretions.. They cultured her and she has some ureaplasma in her ET tube so they started her on antibiotics.

They wrote on her progress note the other day that she has a lot of jerky movements... She has been having them for a long time. It almost looks seizure-ish but I think they are only related to immature nervous system.. Im praying it is nothing more. Its funny though because if it werent for me having noticed it a long time ago I never would have known.. They did not bother to tell me... I just LOVE how they communicate (sense the sarcasm).. I have to literally ask them about every single thing in order to get an answer besides "She is doing good".. Even then they still leave stuff out so I just read her chart..

Anyway, they were going to weigh her again tonight so Ill post that weight tomorrow.

I didnt really get any good pictures of Aybra so I will share one of Alo from last night.... Passed out on Tad even though his pillow was only a few inches away.


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Shannon Harris said...

hey girl.. just dropping in to see how the baby is! I hope you are holding up! I look forward to getting to know you better!!
Shans (shansca from