Thursday, April 10, 2008

4.10.08 Kangaroo-ing!!!

First.. The little updates... Still tolerating the formula digestive wise but she has been having desats with her feeds.. Guessing reflux related. She has been on Reglan and it wasnt really helping. Today they switched her feeds from OG tube to a TPT tube.. Basically the OG goes into her stomach and the TPT bypasses her stomach.. She is fed through the TPT tube now. She still has the OG tube so they can check to see if anything is coming back and to vent her belly. So far so good with the TPT. Her feeds are up to 2.5ml every 3 hours run on the pump for 1.5 hours.

Alo finally got to touch Aybra.. He wasnt really interested though :) He just wanted to play with the doors to the bed.. Open and close, open and close....


And some of the best news.. I finally got to really hold her... for an hour... She did pretty good too. She was 98.0 when she came out. Got down to 96.6.. Put some heat packs on her and a few minutes later she was 97.5.. At the end of the Kangaroo she was 98.5! Higher than when she came out :) She enjoyed being held.. She was half way sleeping half way wanting to look around. She kept desatting some. Thought maybe she wasnt tolerating it well, but turns out she had one of the prongs from her cannula out of her nose... So we guess that is the reason for the desats but we didnt notice it until the end so not sure how she would have done with both prongs in her nose... In a day or so I will get to hold her again.

Me and Aybra


Me and Aybra...


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mia said...

Oh yay! I am so glad that you got to hold her today!! How very exciting.
Look how big Alo's hand looks next to!

You still look good ;)