Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Aybra continues to do well. Her bili levels are up but thats to be expected. (6.2 today) Some of her vent settings were lowered today. She had a head ultrasound and echo today. Results will be back tomorrow on those. I finally got to touch her today. Dear sister got a picture of my hand on her knees. See below for that.

As far as the confusion on the weight.. I do belive she was 885grams which is 1.9# not 1# 9oz.. But I guess the person doing the weights and stuff couldnt add so they have her listed as 1# 9oz on her records. She was more like 1# 14 or so ounces. They are not doing daily weights so Im not sure what her weight is now. She does look like she has lost a tiny bit of weight but probably not all that much. Just looks like fluid weight to me.

Here is a video of her moving her feet a little

And one of her and my hand (Excuse the stupid look I gave the camera) And apologies for no sound but there isnt really much to hear anyway.

She got to meet her big sister and Alo today. Pics with Alo are below. Alo approves of his new sister BTW. He pointed to her and smiled :) Big sister (dads daughter) didnt really know what to think. She was just amazed at all of the equipment in the room.

As far as me... They took my epidural out this morning and I have been in so much pain. They took the dressing off of my incision site. It was kind of holding my belly in a little and the pressure from it helped but now it feels like my belly is just hanging out. My blood is very low (half of what it should be). They took some more a bit ago to check and see what it is now to see if I need a transfusion. I should be getting to go home tomorrow (with or without transfusion). Having some milk issues.. Im impatient and want my milk to come in. It seems to be slowly coming but Im disappointed in the output still. Im looking forward to her being able to breastfeed and crossing my fingers that she doesnt have any swallowing problems.. But her feeding is still quite a while away.

Alas.. More pictures!

Alo peeking in the bed


Alo touching the lights




My first touch.. On her knees


Size comparison with my hand in an akward position


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