Thursday, April 17, 2008


Blood cultures came back this morning with yeast :( They started her on an anti-fungal for that.

Her PICC line has been pulled (because of the infection) and she was given IVs in her left hand and left foot.

She stopped tolerating her feeds as great as she was so despite having gotten up to 14ml them. Her tummy was also up 1cm.

She had to get another blood transfusion today.

After the transfusion her IV blew so they had to restart one in her scalp :( Her first scalp IV. :(

On the 15th she went to air temp but had to be moved back to skin temp today.

The only good news is she gained some weight. She is now 1120 grams (2# 7oz). Well that and her vent settings look ok. They were able to wean her pressures some.
Settings are:
PEEP 5.5
PIP 22
RR 45
TV 8
O2 21

I cant believe she is already 29 weeks GA!! Almost the entire time I was there she was sucking on her vent tubes. So cute :)

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