Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Calls in the middle of the night.

As a preemie parent you come to learn that when the hospital calls you it is never good especially when they call in the middle of the night. I just received one of those dreaded calls.

Aybra is back on the vent. A few days ago she started to become tachypneic. No real problem there as it was kind of coming and going in episodes.... Day or so later she had desat episodes throughout the entire day... Bigger problem but still nothing too bad.. Yesterday she started having apnea episodes and continued to desat with those...They just thought that maybe because of the tachypneia she was getting tired and it was just her way of taking a break well the apnea was still continuing through the night so they intubed her again to give her a real break and see how she does. They will be checking cultures for infection also.

So there is my bad news post. When I had checked on her last at 2am she was still having the apnea and the nurse had increased the flow on her NC again. I kind of thought they might do something when they kept increasing her NC flow but didnt really expect it.


ashley Kruger from preemieschat said...

oh khourt i pray for her and you for peace and resourcefullness in this difficult time

Lesley said...

Oh how scary! I hope she is doing better soon!

Maryclo said...

Remember, you've been thru this before. You know that the NICU is a horrible rollercoaster ride because of these downs... But your little Aybra is fighting and she is very strong, she just needs a little extra help right now.
:-) Maria