Wednesday, April 23, 2008


First of all apologies for those who I scared with the lack of updates.. Nothing happened I was just really busy witht he boys and school. Im trying to catch up on 4 weeks worth of work..

Yesterday they started her feeds back!!! However, its only neocate this time.. They will not add the breastmilk until she is up to full feeds :( She is handling her feeds well so far, but she is only getting 1cc (They started her out at .5 yesterday)... One whole cc... She seems to like it though. She smacks her little lips and drools when she is feeding so I think she knows whats happening.

Day before yesterday she was weighed and was 1185. Tonight she was 1190.

On the 21st she had a blood culture.. And another one yesterday.. As of earlier today none of them had grown back anything.

Her vent settings are super low
PIP 20
PEEP 4.5
RR 14
O2 21%

Tonight she was awake so much and looking around. Everytime she heard something she would try to turn her eyes toward the noise. Most nurses sedate her as soon as she starts wiggling so it was nice to have one that let her be herself for a while. She was happy. Heart rate was fine and sats were fine.. She was just having a little party in her bed ;)

Picture of her eyes open and looking around (There is a link to a video right below this picture)


Video of her looking all around

And did I even mention on my last post that I got to hold her again? I cant remember if I did or not.. If I didnt mention it.. I got to hold her the other day.. If I did mention it disregard this ;)


mia said...

I was one of the people worrying about you and your little girl. :)
I am glad that things are still moving in upward motion. Her video was very cute...i am glad that you have her!


Daffodil said...

I was so worried about your little girl. I am so happy to see she is doing good. I am hoping and praying that things continue to go good for her.

Lesley said...

I'm so glad she's doing well. She's a beautiful little girl! All that gorgeous dark hair reminds me of my DS when he was born.