Tuesday, April 1, 2008

4.1.08 - 24 hours old!

A picture of my wonderful support team...


And pictures of my new darling. Its somewhat hard to get pictures in a NICU.. The lights and stuff arent all that great and I dont want to irritate her by using the flash. These were the best 2 pictures out of all of them. There are a few more but they are pretty much the same.

These were both taken tonight



She is doing well tonight. Her vent settings look awesome! (Better than Alos current vent settings) She is even on less o2 than Alo. Her gasses have been coming back good. She is really doing awesome. I pray that she continues to do this well.


mommyof2boys said...

khourt she is so absolutely beautiful and i am so happy she is doing so awesome. I will keep praying that she continues to out do alo every step of the way... WTG lil girl. PS what a beautiful name...

kathy (PC)

Le Bec said...

She's beautiful! I'm so glad she's doing well and hope that she will continue to.

kalebroo said...

She is beautiful!! I hope you two are doing well tonight along with the boys!! Her and I share a birthday;)

Mary Lynn

Lesley said...

She's absolutely lovely! I'm so glad she's doing well!!! I hope you're healing well too.