Saturday, April 5, 2008


I finally made it home from the hospital. I was discharged on the 4th a few hours short of being in there for 2 weeks. I was so glad to go home but so sad to be leaving my baby girl.

I had to have an IV iron infusion before I left. It was a horrible experience. First of all I had to take premeds... Benadryl... Needless to say I was pretty worried about taking it. I talked to two different LCs to make sure that I could take it and I asked them a million times if there was something else I could take. They both assured me as much as they could that one dose would be ok and not damage my milk supply any... So I took it.. about 30 minutes after I took some pain meds and I slept off and on through the entire 6 hour infusion. The nurses had to take my vitals every 15 minutes and sit with me for the first half of it to make sure I did ok, but I was not very good company :) I was tired so I slept, but I pray that I never have to go through another hemodialysis treatment again!

As for Aybra...

She was doing excellent though. Her vent settings were back and forth. Her bili levels were pretty stable though. She was still not requiring much oxygen, only short periods of it. She would desat some and need it to be able to come back up then she would be fine..

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Lesley said...

Yayyyyy! Good job Abyra!