Thursday, April 3, 2008


She is doing well today. Her head and heart scans came back fine. No IVH and No PDA. They are repeating the head ultrasound tonight. Her bili levels went down some. Chest X-rays seem to be showing improvement.

I was able to change her diaper (yep she is for sure a girl) and take her temp last night.

I want to string some prayer beads for her. If you have a bead (just one will do) that you would like to add to the chain feel free to send it. It will be an ongoing thing while she is in the NICU and I will hang the string in her room. The address to send it to is

Schulist for Aybra
2300 Rebsamen Pk Rd A107
Little Rock, AR 72202

She loves to kick her little feet out of the positioner. So I was taking a video of her moving her little foot
and the nurse uncovered her face so I got that in the video too.

My beautiful baby girl.


They took my staples out today. It feels so much better not having them in. Im still hurting like mad but it improves a little every day. Colostrum slooooowly turning into milk... But I have milk!!! It is still coming in but so far so good. It pretty much tripled last night. I couldnt be happier.



Steph said...

She is beautiful! What a precious girl, your heart must just melt every time you look at her!

That's an impressive ammount of milk! I was never able to pump that much, congrats! Just think how much that will nourish and help her grow, fantastic job mama!

(Sap from TBW)

Beth said...

She is beautiful. I'm glad to hear you're starting to feel better, and that Aybra's doing so well. She sounds like a tough little princess. You and your family are all in my thoughts and prayers. I'll look through my beads and send a few your way for Aybra.

Beth (friend of Fallon's from ProU)

Matt said...

Hi! Congratulations on such a beautiful and strong baby girl. She's precious. I hope your c-section feels better soon.

~Nay (Naynay_pie on tbw)