Monday, April 14, 2008


A pictureless update

I didnt have an actual update yesterday because I did not want to jinx anything.

Aybra has been having some breathing issues.. Nothing too majour but it could eventually lead to some setbacks (think CPAP, vent, etc) So far so good though and she is still on just the NC with mostly room air. Today though she had a lot of episodes. Almost every 2 hours she was doing something SPO2 wise.

Also her bili levels have been creeping back up. She might end up back on the lights but Im crossing my fingers there.

She is still tolerating her feeds well and is up to 9ml/90 minutes every 3 hours now!

She was supposed to be weighed tonight. They did not weigh her when I was there so if they weighed her it was after I left and everytime I try to call and check on her I cant get anybody on the dang phone!! With the amount of milk she is taking now she should be gaining great.. but then the breathing issues have me a little worried... However she looks really great... looks like she is putting on weight especially in her face. Even the nurse tonight commented on how great she looked and how it looked like she had gained a lot.

Ill update again in the morning with some pictures and a prayer from her first prayer bead.

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