Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Thank you Stacey (MDC) for the first prayer bead:

(You can barely see the bead in the bag but its a super cute little pink flower.

And for the prayer:


Please bless and protect this Mother and Child. Grant them continued Strength and healing as You continue to show them Your love and mercy. Thank You for their presence among us as they reveal Your greatness.


Two adorable outfits from Jodi (PO)


And one VERY excited big brother. He seriously adores his sister so much its unreal. He is going to be VERY protective over her. He already tells people how to handle her... "You can touch her but dont stroke"


And because this was very sweet I had to share it... Kaia was asking about the cover over the bed and the nurse was explaining that it was to help keep the light out... A little later Kaia started asking about the pattern on the cover. The nurse was saying that it was a baby and a mama giraffe because the bed was a Giraffe bed and that the little hearts were on there because the mama loved the baby... Kaia walked over to where I was standing, pointed to one of the hearts and told me that heart meant that he loved me.. I had tears in my eyes because it was so sweet. Then he had to point to all of the other hearts and tell me that each one meant that somebody else loved me. Can we all say "Awwwwwwwwwwww"

And for the update..

1040g! Woohoo! 2# 4 almost 5 oz.
Still tolerating feeds.
Had to have a transfusion today :( But doing really. Nothing too terribly new to report but I did see something today.. a diagnosis that Im not ready to repeat yet because Im not sure if its just a "risk of" and something they are watching for or actual diagnosis :( Im going to ask the doctor tomorrow to find out for sure.

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