Friday, April 11, 2008


Aybra news!

Tonight (the 11th) she lost a bit of weight. She is at 930g.. She is being weighed every other day now.

She is up to 4ml every 3 hours TPT.

Im in the process of making her a cute little skirt. Ill be sure to post a picture when I have it all done. Its so tiny.

I did a horrible horrible thing tonight. I put J&J lotion on her :( (more detailed info on why its so bad here) It was the only thing she had at the hospital and she really needed something. Tomorrow morning Im taking her something better. I already had them throw out the J&J wash but I forgot about the lotion :(

Videos from today to be posted later.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Soapchix Tiff here...thanks for the link and sharing the info about what things are unregulated in baby soaps & lotions.

What you did isn't a horrible, horrible thing, so don't sweat it! I think the benefit of your baby massage outweighs anything else. :) But I am glad to hear you're going to take something better in.

Aybra has grown into such a little muffin! What an inspiration.