Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I didnt update last night... I wanted to so I could ask for some prayers but I was busy with Alo..

Anyway.. Here is the 28th and 29th all into one..

On the 27th I thought her head looked a little bigger so I measured... I got 27cm. I wasnt sure what her last one was so I had nothing to compare it to and before I got a chance to look I forgot.. On the 28th I looked and her last one (from a week prior) was 25.5.. So I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me and it was because she was growing.. Well She had some swelling last night... So I guess my eyes were fine and it was just the beginning of balloon baby..

She was weighed last night and she was 1405.. HUGE weight gain (due to the swelling).. So in the middle of the night she was given some lasix... A lot of fluid is off today but she is still swollen...

Her feeds have been increasing everyday (quite quickly actually). She is up to 15ml now!!! That is OVER what she was taking before..

Her vent settings keep getting bumped up. He co2 the past couple days hasnt been all that great. (77, 74, 69).. While it is getting lower Id like to see much lower and lower vent settings.. Today they bumped her up to a rate of 32. Pressures are still the same (20 and 4.5)..

Overall she is doing well... I can't believe that on Thursday she will be 31 weeks GA! It just does not seem like it... I have this thought in my mind that she is having the typical preemie journey and while she is, I didnt expect her to be on the vent at 31 weeks especially since she was off before! It just seems like the other day they put her back on.. but I guess not.. Anyway Its great that time is flying since it means she will be home sooner.

Ive been busy getting everything ready for her to come home.. Carseat, clothes, diapers, etc.. The only thing really lacking is a coming home outfit... but I tend to put sleepers on for that and I think I will wait until we start talking discharge to find an outfit.. First girl means I can get a cute coming home outfit..

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